How Did We Speed Up Our Website with Scaleflex

Thanks to Scaleflex and its products: CloudImage & Filerobot, our website is now almost twice as fast and 90% smaller with the help of compression and CDN technologies.

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Scaleflex is a B2B company whose mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing and acceleration of all brand assets within an organization. It aims to help R&D teams, marketers and content managers collaborate better with each other and simplify the recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing and delivering media around the world. Cloudimage and Filerobot are two products of Scaleflex that helps your teams store, process, share and accelerate images, videos and static content on any web and mobile application across the World.

What is Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network is used to cache all versions of your images in edge servers located as close as possible to your end users. 

There are three main benefit that CDN provide for your company:

  1. The CDN will absorb high load and will save you money in hosting infrastructure. 
  2. It will “protect” your servers by absorbing Denial of Service-like attacks. 
  3. Users located far from the data center where your website or app is hosted will experience much lower latency and load images faster.




To sum up, a CDN will deliver images fast around the world, reduce the number of servers you need to host your website/app and protect your from attacks.

How Filerobot affect our productivity?

Using Filerobot application has noticeably increased the speed of our website since it reduced the number of servers we need to host and increased the speed of image delivery. Almost on every image we saved up to %90 in size and almost doubled our loading speeds.