Sentiment Analysis 101

Sentiment analysis refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically describe, extract, measure, and study emotional states and subjective information.

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Sentiment Analysis 101

Today, the increasing use of social media and the idea of "extracting meaningful expressions from renewable and usable data", one of the basic principles of data mining, has increased the popularity of "Sentiment Analysis", which is one of the important research topics, and has expanded its usage areas. Emotion Analysis or in other words 'Opinion Mining' with its full meaning; It is a general definition given to the processes of defining and classifying the opinions / expressions specified with a piece of text in order to evaluate the attitude of an author or an article towards a certain subject as positive, negative, neutral. Actually, we live in a digital age where evaluating any text as positive or negative alone does not make enough sens. Rather than the content we use when tweeting on a particular subject, the emojis on our keyboards and the hashtags we use can cause the expression style to change completely. 

To go back to the past, it was quite easy to follow the media in a period when the concept of the Internet was not a trend yet. To be able to follow all printed or visual media numerically, to gather and analyze all the news about a person or institution. This situation is now developing technology and the increasing power of social media. Apart from internet media, blogs, dictionaries, tweets shared on Twitter, posts shared every second on very popular channels such as Facebook and Instagram generate millions or billions of new resources.

With the increase in communication and interaction; We are all aware that the fastest news and developments are made through social media. At this point, Emotion Analysis makes it possible to determine feelings and thoughts about people and events, products produced and services offered. 



Emotion Analysis Usage Areas

Sentiment Analysis or Idea Mining usage areas; It uses social media platforms quite often to help marketing and customer service teams identify the emotions / opinions of their customers. When you want to take a look at the job postings, it is quite possible to see the postings titled 'Social Media Expert' or 'Social Media Content Expert'.

It is used in many fields such as finance, medicine, stock exchange, media and politics. It is a technique that is widely used in product reviews to measure the satisfaction of consumers with a product. Likewise, a company has a very popular and widely used roadmap to measure the impact of a new product's advertising campaign on the social media response of its customers. Politicians can also get feedback on how the public will react to their campaigns during election times, using the relevant criteria.